Contemporary art lands to the supermarket to help artists

“The future begins with art, and it is time to consider artists as World Heritage and protect them as such”: to do so, the project #10cents – ART AT THE SUPERMARKET brings art into everyone’s life, between meat counters and pasta shelves. The proceeds will be donated to the art world.

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“Art is good and essential. Like bread. We need art, just as we need food.” This is the premise of the project #10cents – ART AT THE SUPERMARKET, conceived by artist Giuseppina Giordano who, during her lockdown in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily, thought of an original way to give an answer to the many artists who have suffered the heavy consequences of the coronavirus, with cancelled exhibitions and closed galleries. It is also a way to bring the contemporary art world closer to a heterogeneous public that, moving between pasta shelves and meat counters, will see the supermarket transformed into an exhibition space.

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