My work feeds on transformation

I don’t care about the media I use:
I rather care about their embodying a request.
I care about my work to be open and generative.
I take care of the process and don’t force events, I go with them.

This way, my works are born in my arms and the arms of people close to me


Giuseppina Giordano,OPEN MOUTH/ CLOSED MOUTH (made in CHINA), 2017/ silk covered inflatables/ 120x280x170 cm each

This couple of giant black silk made inflatables are an hybrid mix of Chinese stone lions, the guardians of the temple.Fragile, battered, their silk dress does not cover them perfectly.

The position of their mouth, open and closed, is linked to a variety of meanings throughout Asia: in China, the temple’s guardians are a female and a male, in Japan the open and closed mouth of “Komainu” refers to life and death, exhale and inhale.

In any case, they always represent a couple of opposite.

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double gaze, 2017

Giuseppina Giordano,double gaze/ photo diptych/ 73x 211 cm each

“double gaze” is a photographic diptych printed life size of two women.

In each picture a woman knots or loosens an umbilical cord depending on whether we read from right to left or from left to right.

Eve from Lucas Cranach, which was the inspirational framework for this work, becomes here a point of oscillation, something defined but not fixed in its meaning, entangling with the Chinese counterpart. Continue reading “double gaze, 2017”

HARD WAVES (Kuanyin and Virgin Mary staring at the sea), 2017

Giuseppina Giordano,HARD WAVES (Kuanyin and Virgin Mary staring at the sea), 2017/marble, Dehua porcelain, video 1:25.33 min/ installation's view

“HARD WAVES (Kuanyin and Virgin Mary staring at the sea)” simply mixes the sea waves with those of the clothes.

The statue of Kuanyin and of the Virgin Mary, that history has given us, are seen from behind and placed in such a way as to make visible the movement of their drapery: sinuous in one, straight in the other, in relation to video projection of the soft breaking of the sea waves on the beach.

Kuan yin and Virgin Mary, both embodying love and compassion of a “mother par excellence”, are considered at a first glance a meeting point between Buddhists and Christians.

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a tribute to Takahashi Shinkichi, 2017

This is the poem by Takahashi Shinkichi (Ehime 1901-1987) I recite in Japanese language while walking through Tokyo streets and asking people whether they know the poet and can help me find the house where he lived. My performance – played through April 5-13 2017 – was recorded using binaural microphones in Odaiba, Shibuya, Ueno, Asakusa, Jimbocho, Akihabara and Shinjuku areas. During my performance, I constantly utter a few Japanese sentences (though I don’t really speak the language) I had previously memorized.
The opportunity to enjoy my work by covering their eyes with a hood allows people to create an immersive ambience. The soundscape changes tremendously from one district to another.

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GIUSEPPINÄ (self-portrait), 2017

A cardboard box is leaning against the wall: it has the appropriate measures to contain my body and the packaging and design of IKEA products. The article is Giuseppina.
The box, vibrating, emits sounds thanks to a vibrating speaker inside. The widespread audio track is obtained from a recording of Google Translate.
“Giuseppina” (my name) is taken by Google Translate female voices in different languages available in audio playback (Chinese, French, English, Spanish, Korean, Finnish, etc).
GIUSEPPINÄ is a self-portrait and / or the overlapping of the “Giuseppina” possible identities. Continue reading “GIUSEPPINÄ (self-portrait), 2017”