My name is Giuseppina, I see myself as being an ongoing event.

My work has no center, it feeds on transformation. Uncertainty is my field.

The freshness of the event is my time: from time of sequence to time of simultaneousness where each repetition is a process of knowledge, rumination on reality.

My practice explores the possibilities that open up in gestation, in germination, in social dreaming and its narratives, in the translation of languages, contexts and processes intertwining daily life and spiritual practices. I am especially conscious of the media I use, which embodies a request while relying on the 5 senses to create an open and generative experience.

My goal as an artist is to welcome complexity, not as mere holism, but to perceive and weave contradictions, different levels of reality, so they can echo in harmony.

My aim is to reach, through my practice, a horizontal glance, in between things, among us. To walk two roads at the same time.

I take care of the process and I don’t force events, I go with them. This way, my works are born in my arms and in the arms of people close to me.


Artwork in transformation

A generator of participatory practices, a network of solidarity, a platform and laboratory of disseminated and accessible experiences.

Driven by the need for reflection on the challenges of artistic work, Giuseppina Giordano has created an artwork that critically combines artistic and entrepreneurial practices. The desire to expand opportunities for artists and cultural workers led to the birth of Nocentre Srl Società Benefit.

The company, founded in 2022 together with Giuliana Baldassarre, an expert in non-profit organizations and a lecturer at SDA Bocconi, emerged from Giuseppina Giordano’s participation in the Impact your talent program, a support and development program for social entrepreneurship organized by SDA Bocconi and the Giordano dell’Amore Social Venture Foundation. 

It serves as a flexible tool for presenting accessible formats where artists and the public become protagonists.