My name is Giuseppina, I see myself as being a perpetual event

My work has no center: it feeds on transformation. I don’t care which media I use: I rather care about their embodying a request.

Uncertainty is my field. I focus on events, gestations, germinations, chances. I study the constantly changing order of life, identities, meanings: from the omnipresence of life and coincidence to the mystery of individuals.

The freshness of the event is my time: from time of sequence to time of simultaneousness where each repetition is a process of knowledge, rumination on reality.

My goal as an artist is to welcome complexity not as mere holism, but to perceive and weave contradictions, different levels of reality, so they can echo in harmony. My aim is to reach, through my practice, an horizontal glance, in between things, among us, “To walk two roads at the same time”.

I take care of the process and I don’t force events, I go with them. This way, my works are born in my arms and in the arms of people close to me.

in bloom, 2019

Created in collaboration with Italian musician Fabio R. Lattuca for Giordano’s site-specific installation Please, Teach Me the Language of a Rose, at Taubman Museum of Art, the composition was performed by people aged from two to eighty-seven, who created sounds following the instructions in the catalog below. Continue reading “in bloom, 2019”

SMELLS LIKE CONTENT, 2019 – on going

Fashioned from rose petal “clay,” the ancient medium used originally to make rosaries.The diverse forms were inspired by vases depicted in modernist and contemporary still-life paintings by artists ranging from the French modernists Henri Matisse and Suzanne Valadon to the American Pop artists Roy Lichtenstein and Wayne Thiebaud.The rose-petal vases emit the flower’s odor yet remain empty. Continue reading “SMELLS LIKE CONTENT, 2019 – on going”

THE WALL OF DELICACY (Ode to America), 2019 – on going

Raw and delicate, a rosebuds border fence. A meditative practice. A reflection on ephemeral, beauty, delicacy.

Initially started at The Studios at MASS MoCA, USA, THE WALL OF DELICACY is now a participatory and traveling project.

Would you like to contribute to working together on building a longer, more beautiful rosebuds border wall?

Please, reach me at for more information!


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AMORE / ROTTURA DI PALLE / UNIVERSALE (Sorry Wislawa), 2018 red ink on wall / variable dimensions

LOVE / UNIVERSAL / PAIN IN THE ARSE (Sorry Wislawa) is an endlessly repeatable work.

LOVE / UNIVERSAL / PAIN IN THE ARSE (Sorry Wislawa) is an endlessly repeatable work.

Realized with a special rubber stamp, the text is the result of the translation in 104 languages by Google Translate of the poem “Love at first sight” by Wislawa Szymborska, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1996 .

The lines of the poem are grafts of multiple languages.

Sharing fragmented meanings allows the creation of new ones

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