THE RECIPE OF DESIRES, 2020 – A project for Children

Project for “Giving you an idea”, curated by Michela Eremita, Children’s Art Museum , Santa Maria della Scala, Siena, Italy

THE RECIPE OF DESIRES, Giuseppina Giordano

A project for CHILDREN


Get a diary or a notebook.

Write down all the desires you might think of during your day, and decorate its pages as you like the most!

Choose a day in the week and turn it into your day of desires. I love Sundays, for example, therefore Sunday will be my own day of desires!

During your day of desires, you have to choose just one of the many desires you have written down in your diary, your favorite, or the one you value the most!

After writing it down, ring up your friends to exchange desires with them.

Write down also the desires they chose.

YOU’RE READY! Top important: all activities have to be performed with an adult supervising.


THE WAFER OF DESIRES: Starch/flour, Water, Oil

THE INK OF DESIRES: Pencil/pen, Chocolate sauce, jam   or secret ingredient of your own choice

THE NECKLACE OF DESIRES: string/thick thread, Needle, Star anise (whole fruits, Clingfilm/Greaseproof paper/Aluminum foil, Diary, Scotch tape


  1. Before starting, wash your hands accurately for at least 20 seconds, smiling and humming a song that puts you in a happy mood
  2. Get a bowl and mix starch with water stirring with a fork. Grease a non-stick pan with a few drops of oil and wipe with blotting paper. Pour a spoon of liquid in the pan and cover it with a very thin layer.
  3. Put your pan on the burner on a medium flame, and wait for the liquid to dry for a couple of minutes. Then, delicately remove the wafer with a spatula and move it on a piece of greaseproof paper, so that the drier side of the wafer lies on the paper. Repeat all steps until you have no more liquid for wafers of desires left.
  4. Leave your wafers to dry at room temperature.
  5. A happy mood is an excellent ingredient to add in making your wafers!

STEP 1 Top important: all activities have to be performed with an adult supervising.


  1. In the meantime, wrap your pencil or pen with a little clingfilm, greaseproof paper or aluminum foil. Use some scotch to fasten it on one end.
  2. Dip the tip of your pencil in your own ink of desires (chocolate sauce or a secret ingredient of your own choice) and write down your most-desired desire of the week on the wafer!
  3. Make a wafer for every single desire your friends exchanged with you, and write them down as well.
  4. Now you’re ready for another step of the magic of desires: enjoy your wafers of desires!

Serve your wafers of desires also to your dears. The magic will come true also for them, and desires will be even better to enjoy!

*Your desire will work within you as a little seed, it will sprout and come true, who knows when? It might take a whole life, so don’t be anxious, it’s the mystery of desires!

STEP 2               Top important: all activities have to be performed with an adult supervising

THE NECKLACE OF DESIRES         What a wonderful smell!

  1. Once you have enjoyed your desires, get a needle and a string and thread it. Be careful!
  2. Get as many star anice fruits as are the wafers of desires you made and enjoyed.
  3. Hang all your star anice fruits on the string by inserting your needle in the central hole of each fruit in order to make a necklace.

Now you can put everything away and start a new week from Step 1.

Repeat the whole procedure every week until the magic will come true.

STEP 3     Top important: all activities have to be performed with an adult supervising.


NB:The word “desire” is a special word in itself. It comes from the Latin and contains the word STARS, sidera



A powerful magic is always at work when we are with other people.

On that day, you will wander around your village and choose a tree with your friends.

Take your necklaces of desires with you, and decorate the tree branches with them together with your friends. The smell of your desires will hang over passers-by and put a smile on their faces!





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Children’s Art Museum , Santa Maria della Scala, Siena, Italy

Project for “Giving you an idea”, supervised by Michela Eremita.

Illustration by Matteo Signorelli