Panorama, 2014

What can you see from your window?
There are as many stories as there are windows on the world: every person has their own window, a space which from the inside opens out towards the outside, offering its own unique and personal perspective on the world and its own landscape.
Panorama is a sound installation that was designed specifically for San Gimignano’s Nottilucente festival in 2014.
For a week I interviewed the people I met (tourists as well as the inhabitants of San Gimignano) and asked them to respond in their own language to the question ‘“What can you see from your window?”and I then produced a single audio track with the various response I had collected. Panorama was played over a stereo system that was set up on the last floor of the Torre Grossa civic museum, next to a large window offering a view of the Tuscan landscape below it.
By listening to others, people can identify with them as they access and share their special landscape. Continue reading “Panorama, 2014”