THE WALL OF DELICACY (Ode to America), 2019 – on going

Raw and delicate, a rosebuds border fence. A meditative practice. A reflection on ephemeral, beauty, delicacy.

Initially started at The Studios at MASS MoCA, USA, THE WALL OF DELICACY is now a participatory and traveling project.

Would you like to contribute to working together on building a longer, more beautiful rosebuds border wall?

Please, reach me at for more information!


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AMORE / ROTTURA DI PALLE / UNIVERSALE (Sorry Wislawa), 2018 red ink on wall / variable dimensions

LOVE / UNIVERSAL / PAIN IN THE ARSE (Sorry Wislawa) is an endlessly repeatable work.

LOVE / UNIVERSAL / PAIN IN THE ARSE (Sorry Wislawa) is an endlessly repeatable work.

Realized with a special rubber stamp, the text is the result of the translation in 104 languages by Google Translate of the poem “Love at first sight” by Wislawa Szymborska, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1996 .

The lines of the poem are grafts of multiple languages.

Sharing fragmented meanings allows the creation of new ones

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Giuseppina Giordano, CENTRAL LINE, 2018 Petri dishes, agar agar, bacteria cultures / 68 x 500 x 3 cm

Bacteria, among the first life forms appeared long ago on our planet, are the installation’s core elements.

The graphic scheme of the installation takes origin from the Central Line London tube map.

While in London, during London Summer Intensive residency by Camden Arts Centre and Slade School of Arts I took the Central Line and at each subway stop I opened a different sterilized Petri dish putting in contact the culture medium and the air (where bacteria are usually found).

The “captured” bacteria will grow and reproduce until they become visible to our eye assuming the shape of a “coloured mould”.

The shape and the colours of the dots appearing every day on the Petri dishes will be changing continuously in unpredictable ways depending on the kind of bacteria.

Time, measured as we move through the different underground stops, and at the same time, beaten by the continuous transformations happening inside the Petri dishes, is reasserting its peculiar role and the circular space where bacteria’s life unfolds is strictly related to the space of the city.

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THE WALL OF DELICACY (ode to China), 2018

Giuseppina Giordano, THE WALL OF DELICACY (ode to China), 2018 / oyster shells, glass / 250x190x60 cm

THE WALL OF DELICACY condenses the experience, sometimes tough, of the encounter with a different culture, of a meeting with other human beings.

This work was born looking at the construction methods of houses made with oyster shells in some villages in the region of Fujian, CHINA, where I lived in winter 2017.

THE WALL OF DELICACY generates a hard wave and a rhythmic movement, and at the same time gives an unusual vision of the oyster shell itself: putting them one on top of the other we can look at their profiles. The pinkish broken glass on top of the wall underlines fragility and delicacy, as in a flower.

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POLLINATION (I love you), 2018

Giuseppina Giordano, POLLINATION (I love you), 2018 / cotton candy machine, sugar, Arduino, solenoid valve, lighted sign / enviromental dimension / hardware realization by Geppetto Lab

The wire of a light blue cotton candy goes everywhere, pushed by the wind generated by a fan.

The machine is automated. The system provides for a temporal control that operates the machine at random intervals and allows the production of cotton candy.

The effect is surprising, the smell is scrumptious, the result is chaotic.

A lighted sign of the reverse sentence “I Love you”, is continuously resonating with the soft moving of the wire of the cotton candy.

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Giuseppina Giordano,OPEN MOUTH/ CLOSED MOUTH (made in CHINA), 2017/ silk covered inflatables/ 120x280x170 cm each

This couple of giant black silk made inflatables are an hybrid mix of Chinese stone lions, the guardians of the temple.Fragile, battered, their silk dress does not cover them perfectly.

The position of their mouth, open and closed, is linked to a variety of meanings throughout Asia: in China, the temple’s guardians are a female and a male, in Japan the open and closed mouth of “Komainu” refers to life and death, exhale and inhale.

In any case, they always represent a couple of opposite.

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