COROLLA, Waiting for Spring, United during the COVID-19 outbreak, 2020

A world of grief and pain:

flowers bloom

even then


Spring is coming and we can celebrate its arrival by turning the spread of COVID-19 around the globe into a chance to show each other care and kindness, delicate as flowers, united against discriminations and prejudices as a SINGLE human family! Continue reading “COROLLA, Waiting for Spring, United during the COVID-19 outbreak, 2020”

in bloom, 2019

Created in collaboration with Italian musician Fabio R. Lattuca for Giordano’s site-specific installation Please, Teach Me the Language of a Rose, at Taubman Museum of Art, the composition was performed by people aged from two to eighty-seven, who created sounds following the instructions in the catalog below. Continue reading “in bloom, 2019”

SMELLS LIKE CONTENT, 2019 – on going

Fashioned from rose petal “clay,” the ancient medium used originally to make rosaries.The diverse forms were inspired by vases depicted in modernist and contemporary still-life paintings by artists ranging from the French modernists Henri Matisse and Suzanne Valadon to the American Pop artists Roy Lichtenstein and Wayne Thiebaud.The rose-petal vases emit the flower’s odor yet remain empty. Continue reading “SMELLS LIKE CONTENT, 2019 – on going”