Giuseppina Giordano, THE WALL OF DELICACY (ode to China), 2018 / oyster shells, glass / 250x190x60 cm

THE WALL OF DELICACY (ode to China), 2018

THE WALL OF DELICACY condensates the experience, sometimes tough, of the encounter with a different culture, of a meeting with other human beings. This work was born looking at the ...
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Giuseppina Giordano, POLLINATION (I love you), 2018 / cotton candy machine, sugar, Arduino, solenoid valve, lighted sign / enviromental dimension / hardware realization by Geppetto Lab

POLLINATION (I love you), 2018

The wire of a light blue cotton candy goes everywhere, pushed by the wind generated by a fan. The machine is automated. The system provides for a temporal control that ...
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giuseppina giordano

COLUMN (history of a chewed sky), 2018

medium format photo films, chewing gums, 3D printed plastic/ 40x220x40 cm ...
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